How to Ace the SAT: A Comprehensive Guide to SAT Prep

Preparing for the SAT doesn't have to be overwhelming! Learn about all available resources such as Khan Academy or Prep Expert as well as online practice tests.

How to Ace the SAT: A Comprehensive Guide to SAT Prep

The SAT is a standardized test created by the College Board that most colleges and universities use to evaluate incoming students. It was developed in 1926 as a method for assessing a student's readiness for college-level education, and it helps admissions counselors and scholarship programs assess intellectual potential. The topics and competencies assessed in the exam are usually examined by third and final year high school students. When it comes to preparing for the SAT, there are a variety of options available.

SAT preparation courses usually teach you the key math, reading, and writing concepts you need to know when you take the test. Some classes can also teach you about the structure of the SAT and provide strategies for taking tests. You can also use the official SAT practice online to help you prepare for the exam. Khan Academy stands out among SAT preparation services for two reasons.

It's the official SAT preparation program of the College Board, the organization that manages the SAT, and it's completely free. Accessing Khan Academy's SAT preparation materials is as simple as creating an account on their website. Students then have immediate and continuous access to multiple resources, including official practice tests, video lessons, practice questions, and feedback. The length of SAT preparation courses can range from one-day rapid preparation courses to self-paced programs that students have to complete over a year. Prep Expert's approach is strategy-based, with more than 100 subject-specific methods that students can use to help them maximize their time taking the SAT.

Khan Academy partners with the College Board to ensure that preparation materials are aligned with what is assessed on the SAT. Most Princeton Review SAT preparation courses also include access to ACT review materials, which is a plus for any student considering taking both standardized tests. Students who participate in the Prep Expert weekend review course get only that weekend of reviewing the SAT content and strategy, without additional access to materials, lessons, or practice tests. Customizing PrepScholar is one of the most sophisticated, self-paced online SAT prep programs, with an adaptive algorithm that adjusts lessons and questions as students improve. You're likely juggling other school and extracurricular activities, so you need an SAT preparation course that fits your schedule. Online SAT prep practice tests are usually free and allow you to view your score and a table of answers immediately after you complete them or on the go.

Practice tests, webinars, and individual subject tutoring are the perfect answer for many students before the SAT exam, but others may prefer to prepare on their own with the help of some resources. Students who want to understand how their new SAT scores compare to scores from the previous version of the test can access the College Board SAT score converter for free. All Princeton Review SAT preparation courses provide students with access to mandatory and optional practice tests, including single-section tests that allow students to work on specific areas to improve. Students can also access additional practice tests, a bank of more than 1000 practice questions, and four SAT preparation books. By the third and final year of high school, your GPA is pretty established and you can't get too far into a new extracurricular program, but you can still prepare to succeed on the SAT. With so many options available for preparing for this important exam, it can be difficult to determine which courses are worth your time and investment. As an expert in SAT prep, I recommend taking advantage of all available resources when preparing for this exam.

Khan Academy is an excellent free resource that provides official practice tests as well as video lessons and feedback. Additionally, there are many paid services such as Prep Expert or Princeton Review that offer comprehensive courses tailored to your needs. Finally, don't forget about online practice tests which are usually free and allow you to view your score immediately after completing them.