Kaplan or Princeton Review: Which is the Best SAT Preparation Course?

Comparing Kaplan and Princeton Review's SAT preparation courses? Learn which one offers better resources and features for preparing for the SAT exam.

Kaplan or Princeton Review: Which is the Best SAT Preparation Course?

When it comes to practice material, Princeton Review is the clear winner. In terms of volume, Princeton Review outperforms Kaplan in virtually every area, providing 2000 practical questions about the SAT and 1200 about the ACT, compared to Kaplan's 1000 problems about the SAT and 2000 about the ACT. However, when it comes to preparing for the SAT, Kaplan is the better option. It offers the official SAT practice tests, so students will know what to expect on test day.

We started by compiling a list of 22 SAT preparation courses for review. We focused on online courses, so our recommendations would be useful to students around the world. From there, we evaluate each program based on course formats, comprehensiveness, resources, and teacher support. We also spoke with industry experts and alumni to get their views on what's important in an SAT preparation course.

That left us with four main options, each with something unique to offer their students. To truly compare Princeton Review and Kaplan's SAT and ACT preparation courses, it's important to understand the different study materials and features offered by each company. In addition to Kaplan's 1000 questions about the SAT and 2000 about the ACT, Princeton Review provides 20-30 practice tests for the SAT and between 8 and 14 mock tests for the SAT. Furthermore, until recently, Princeton Review did not offer any pre-recorded video courses to prepare for the SAT or ACT. My only real complaint about Kaplan's SAT and ACT preparation courses is that they don't offer the corresponding video solution for all practice questions, as is the case with quiz questions. Neither Kaplan nor Princeton Review require any specific qualifications from their tutors for the SAT.

Professors are not required to be first on the SAT or to have graduated from a top-tier university. Kaplan offers three live SAT preparation courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your skill level. By purchasing the Princeton Review SAT 1200+, 1400+ and Ultimate courses, you'll have access to the ACT preparation course, which is taught at your own pace. A major disadvantage of Kaplan's SAT On Demand preparation course is that it's only available for 6 months. It includes the same materials as the SAT preparation course, plus three hours of private tutoring, a foundational mathematics course, and Kaplan's ACT online study materials. During my decade-long college career, I've reviewed every test preparation course on the market and helped countless students prepare for the SAT. Some SAT preparation companies, such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review, offer guarantees of improving grades. In conclusion, both Kaplan and Princeton Review offer some of the best SAT preparation courses on the market.

However, when it comes to preparing for the SAT exam specifically, Kaplan is a better option due to its official practice tests and comprehensive course formats. On top of that, they also offer guarantees of improving grades.